Life on the Golden Coast

By virtue of its name, the Central Coast appellation conjures up images of seaside towns unfolding throughout the middle of the Golden State. In addition to pristine beaches, dramatic coastal vistas and brine-kissed sea breezes, this appellation also offers up redwood forest groves, rich agricultural fields, Arabian horse ranches, ancient oak groves and countless gorgeous, well-cared for farms.

While the quaint villages of the area may appear sleepy, the Central Coast is, in fact, a very prodigious grape-growing area that’s well known for the high quality of its wine. The proximity of the Pacific Ocean ensures that warm days are cooled by ocean breezes, providing optimal grape growing conditions. The size of the area, some 250 miles long, creates a wide diversity of soil and elevations, contributing to the unique character of our wines.

You might say that life on the Central Coast is paced just right for our family of wines; the lifestyle here, like the best of our wines, is balanced, harmonious and memorable.

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The Santa Ynez Valley has over 70 wineries and tasting rooms. Besides grapes, the valley also has numerous apple farms, many of them with roadside apple stands.

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